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why it matters to everyone

Why it matters to EVERYONE

Last week I contrasted the jobs in a large company to the more collaborative engagement in a startup business. It’s not necessary to be a startup, of course, it’s just easier because that’s where new ideas can take off and flourish.

I had a chance recently to talk with a lady in another country who works for a company which connects global contract workers with part-time roles in larger companies. If you’ve used a remote Virtual Assistant, that’s what I’m talking about.

Sure, that lets you outsource tasks to get cheaper labor. We’ve been doing that for decades. But in this case, there’s a larger driving purpose behind it.

They’re helping to ease the suffering of migrant populations and displaced workers in our new global environment.

That’s audacious. At a time when even the largest governments can’t make decisions, this group is making progress. One person at a time.

This is one of the reasons, by the way, that I’m involved in a service organization. It’s about making a difference at a small level. I can do that, when I can’t really make a difference to over 7 billion people on the planet. But one person? Ten people? That’s possible.

Here’s my question from this story: How engaged do you think people are who are in this enterprise? How loyal are they going to be?

When those employees can see how their personal actions are contributing to the larger cause, they’ll bring everything they have to their work. But more than just productivity, it’s the passion and energy and creativity and excitement.

Places like this have no problem finding and keeping the best people. Because we all want to make a difference in the world with our experience and skills and energy.

Is this the kind of company you’d love to lead?

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