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When disaster strikes

When disaster strikes

Recently we had some devastating fires whip through some small towns between Boulder and Denver, Colorado. Nothing could be done with the high winds we had that day, and a thousand families lost everything they own.

And yet, we are grateful for the limited loss of life. And millions of dollars were contributed by the community within a couple of days to help these folks get through the toughest times of their lives.

What do we learn for our businesses?

First: You can’t control all risks, and nothing is permanent. Whether this was sparked by human error or induced by climate change or whatever, the fact is that significant risk remains.

Second: It’s the people that matter. When you’ve lost all that you own but your family remains, you realize that’s what makes life worth living. Yes, it’s devastating.

But Third: We can all help each other out, whether it’s with dry socks or a kind word or a meal.

And that, my friends, is why there can still be hope after such a loss. Because we can help each other get through even the worst of times.

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