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What’s a free session like

We’d like you to have one, of course – it’s our way of showing you how useful coaching can be, but do you want one?

If you’re like most of us, you’re thinking “An hour with a coach…..sounds good but what if I don’t like him (or her), he might try to sell me some more coaching and I might not want to buy it”

(That would be uncomfortable, right? We’d rather gather some more information before we commit ourselves to something like sitting across a table for an hour in a cafe).

This little paper aims to help you gather that information so you can decide if a free session is a worthwhile investment of an hour or so of your time.

You’ll learn three things:

  • What happens
  • What we get from it
  • What you get from it

What happens?

You’ll meet each other – usually in a cafe where the coffee is good but maybe in your office or the coach’s. Expect it to take an hour or an hour and a half (depends how much fun you are both having)

The coach will explain what business coaching is and how it works:

  • The benefits
  • What stimulates people to choose it
  • The process
  • What parts of your business the programs will investigate

You’ll see a little device called the washing machine which illustrates how our system zeroes in on what drives profit in a business. Watch out for jokes about money laundering.

The coach will pull out a questionnaire and start asking questions about your business. You’ll notice that they follow the topics you saw in the washing machine drawing.

The purpose of this is to show you how it works (after you’ve been told how it works) by applying a little bit of it to your business. The questions prompt discussion and hopefully, you use that discussion to make some decisions about new things you can do in your business.

You coach will probably say “if we were coaching…..” a couple of times, to try to demonstrate the difference between a suggestion in a single free session and an ongoing program that helps you make sure you drive change in your business.

When you get to the end, you’ll be asked some qualification questions (can you afford it, do you think you need it…..)

If you both think coaching is appropriate then you’ll talk prcing and then:

  • Agree to start coaching or
  • Agree not to coach or
  • Agree not to do it yet but to keep in touch

Everybody enjoys these – they are not boring nor will you suffer a hard sell. None of us are comfortable putting pressure on you and we don’t want to feel like high-pressure salespeople.

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