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The weight of it all

The weight of it all

Things seem really heavy right now, don’t they? Emotions are running high because of all the weighty decisions we’re faced with.

It’s a complex environment, but you don’t have to react that way.

You might even have fun!

It somehow seems inconsistent to talk about fun right now, but we need it more than ever. Not as a distraction, but as healing.

I’m told that the moving pictures were quite popular in the 1930s. Partially as something new and flashy, but also because people needed to recover from the harsh world of the Great Depression.

So the question is: What heals you?

  • Vacation time with family
  • Escapism through games and entertainment
  • Exercise and physical activities
  • Spiritual development

More importantly, your people need this too. Each of them is struggling with worry, complexity, and uncertainty.

And guess what? There are plenty of things you can do while being physically safe. Maybe an outing to the park today!

[It’s snowing as I write this. So the park may have to wait until this weekend.]

I’d love to schedule a one-on-one call with you, to see what you and your team are up to. The call is no cost, no sales pitch – honest. How are you doing on creating your new normal? 



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