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The dog ate my homework

The dog ate my homework

We all have excuses. My alarm didn’t go off. Someone forgot to tell me. I’ve been busy.

Yeah, there’s always a reason for messing up someone else’s life. It couldn’t possibly be … me!

This is deadly to your reputation as a leader. Leaders are all about getting stuff done – as an individual, and as a team. So when you make an excuse, that’s laying the groundwork for everyone to blame others, and not accomplish very much.

But things happen, right? Traffic IS terrible some days. The power goes out. That website just refuses to work for some unknown reason.

So what does a responsible person do in the face of these challenges and uncertainties? Well, you work to recover, and to re-set expectations as quickly as possible.

And because you’re a responsible, intelligent adult, many times you’ll find another way around the obstacle. Not always, but many times.

And sometimes, you might have to apologize for screwing things up. Sincerely, with no excuses, and with intent to fix it next time.

That’s what leaders do.

I’ve developed a tool which helps leaders to assess how they’re doing on these foundational elements.  I’ll send you a customized report when you fill it out, giving you some feedback and ideas for where your attention might give the most powerful results.  Check it out!

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