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I’ve been seeing some powerful stories recently about the concept of white privilege in our society. It’s an important topic for us, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about today.

We’ve all be graced with opportunity given to us by others. It might stem from the family or community we grew up in, the school we were lucky enough to go to, or that boss who gave generous mentorship.

The point is: This stemmed from opportunities given you by others, not your own talent and hard work. Yes, you played a part in taking advantage of that opportunity, but the original was a gift from others. Or by society at large. Or random chance.

The same holds true of limits in your life. Perhaps you were denied opportunity because you were left-handed or not pretty enough or didn’t grow up in the right neighborhood.

You might even be battling against these barriers decades later.

Here’s my point: As a leader, you have an outsized impact on the opportunities and limits in others’ lives.

Even when people don’t “earn” it by their own efforts, you can still be the one to make their lives better or worse through every interaction.

So … Do you want to spend your life being the creator of opportunities for others around you? Or the creator of limits?

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