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No good deed is too small

No good deed is too small

The world is made by us and what we do. The challenge is thinking that we’re individually so insignificant that we can’t possibly make a difference.

Here’s the way out of that fallacy: Maybe it doesn’t matter if you change the world, but instead just for one person at a time.

That particular employee. That one customer. Your child. Your neighbor.

During my lifetime, I’ve also been shocked to notice what matters to people. Sure, we complain about that big picture stuff: war, politics, society, famous people.

I say “complain” because it seems that’s the emotional outlet we share. We complain about stuff that we can’t affect anyway.

But you CAN affect the life of one person, in that little interaction which took three seconds or three minutes.

That one conversation.

Holding the door open just a little longer.

Smiling at someone who’s having a rough time.

Stopping for just a moment.

Because isn’t that what matters to you, and helps you to keep your hope, energy and optimism?

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