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Is this the year

Is this the year?

Maybe you’ve been discouraged because the better future you’ve been hoping for still doesn’t seem to be on the horizon.

At some point, though, you’re going to have to make it happen. It’s going to take focused, intentional effort. That’s what it means to be a leader.

I was thinking about this because of my recent health scare. Thankfully, I survived this time due to the talent of some great doctors. But it got me pondering the larger questions in my life.

Particularly, how committed I am to my personal and business goals.

So now you have the old year behind you and you’re looking forward to building a new, more successful, year. The potential is there, and it’s time to get moving.

This could be your breakthrough year. Do you want to get focused and apply all your energy to that?

If not this year, then when?

I have a couple of slots which just opened up for new clients! If you think I might be able to help you grow the business you’ve dreamed of…

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Carl Dierschow

Carl Dierschow is our Small Fish Business Coach in Colorado in the USA. With over 17 years of experience in professional business coaching, he helps clients around the world to build profitable, powerful, sustainable companies. You may want to check out his targeted blogs at and

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