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Some days it’s hard to get focused. And stay focused. This can be a struggle for everyone on your team.

It’s understandable: There’s a lot going on, a lot of big, big issues and concerns.

So the first step on this path is to cut yourself a little slack for being … human. But you don’t want it to stop there, right?

The trick to building up your inspiration is to connect with the things you’re already excited about. That’s a primary purpose of a team’s mission, actually, to ground you in something which excites you.

And your team.

Recall what’s important to you – changing society, working together, creating a new market, kicking the competition’s butt, whatever. These are the large and enduring things which drive you to do the hard work.

When a team or entire organization shares that mission, they help build each other up. I might be a bit down today, so maybe you remind me that it’s larger than just how I feel at the moment. And I’ll be glad to do the same for you when you’re lacking the spark.

When it helps me recall an agreement we had months and years ago – when we were excited about the possibilities – I’ll reconnect with my passion and inspiration.

This is the kind of help we need from each other. Right?

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About the Author

Venus Dela Salde

Venus handles the back office and admin, ensuring all operations and marketing strategies are implemented smoothly and properly. She also assists Lindsey in handling digital marketing and social media for the company to generate traffic and leads for the website. She’s the best person to contact for any enquiries or information about Small Fish services. Venus holds it all together for us in Davao - she’s very persistent and proactive and helps us keep things in place so we can have a smooth operating machine for our business.