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Innovative Group for Businesswomen

I found out about a great new group in last week’s Fort Collins Coloradoan called The Moxie Exchange. It’s a high powered group which supports women business leaders around the country, with a local chapter here in Fort Collins. But because it’s largely web based, it looks like women anywhere could take advantage of the nationally-recognized speakers and networking with other leaders.

I’m a big believer that people who own small businesses need to connect with others who will inspire, challenge, and hold them accountable for making progress. That’s quite different from having business partnerships – in fact, it’s quite helpful to have coaches and mentors who are specifically not directly tied to the other goals of your business and can look at things objectively.

This is also much different from having fans and supporters. They’re great for emotional support, but at some point you’ll want to have people who challenge you to stretch your limits, not just who are satisfied with what you’re currently doing.

Moxie Exchange is described as somewhat of a MasterMind group. This is a great concept that I have experience with myself, and I was very impressed at the powerful conversations that we were able to have in our little peer group. So this looks like it has some great potential.

And as an added bonus, I see that I know several of the ladies who are setting this up. They’re great women to know, so I expect this will go far!

Carl Dierschow
Small Fish Business Coaching



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