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How Accountable Are You in Your Business?

Each day we are faced with challenges, issues, and opportunities in the day to day running of our businesses. When a ‘not so good’ situation arises we are faced with a leadership moment of truth that will help drive our success. This is realised in the way in which we respond to the situation. Many times we choose the ‘victim’ approach and look for opportunities to blame others, wait and hope or respond in a negative manner.

What we should do as leaders is take the ‘accountable’ approach and look for the opportunity to use this to our advantage. This can be visually seen in the accountabilty ladder approach (source: Yum Restaurants) as shown below.

The option to be a victim with our thick restrictive glasses on posses a negatvie outlook to situations, not only in work, but in daily life. Next time you find yourself in a situation, take a step back and look at the approaching with your nice clear accountabilty glasses on. These are glasses which are easy to see through and allow for a holistic approach to the situation to allow you to demonstrate your true leadershiop and positive outlook to all that you come across…it is all really a mindset change.

Does your business need a business coach to help you see the trees from the woods and to become accountable in all that you do?

Tony Ozanne
Small Fish Business Coaching Canberra, Australia



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