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Girl Power- Forbes 100 Most Influential Women

Lady Gaga wore a dress made entirely of meat to the VMA’s this year. Now I am partial to a little bit of cow between buns smothered in cheese but you won’t catch me sporting a cheese burger dress anytime soon. Should we be surprised that the meat frock-wearing lady of music ranked higher on Forbes list of the Top 100 most influential women than our own Prime Minister?

Julia Gillard came in at 58th position and Gail Kelly, the Chief Executive of Westpac ranked at 8th position. It was great to see some Aussies on the list but we were well outnumbered by the Americans once again.

How do Forbes decide who is powerful? There are four categories; business, politics, media and lifestyle. Rankings take into consideration a “dollar” component and a “buzz” component.

Its interesting that social media plays a part in the decision process. Google hits, Facebook fans and Twitter followers all contribute to the “buzz” component. Yet another example of the growing power of Social Media in our lives.

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