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Curiosity is one of the main tools for being a coach. At least for me.

When I have nothing to learn, I’m really acting in the role of an advisor or consultant. As soon as I understand the client’s situation, I can have an opinion about how to move forward.

That’s not a good thing, because what I’m really saying is how I would move forward if I was in that situation. Which may be absolutely the wrong thing for my client!

The solution?

Stay curious!

This came to mind as I was working with a client recently who’s in a pretty complicated situation, one where I struggle to wrap my mind around it.

The point is that it’s not the coach’s role to do that! My value is in asking questions which can be helpful for my client to think through what they’re dealing with.

And whatever they come up with is going to be far more useful than my ideas to “fix” the problem.

Perhaps you don’t think of yourself as a coach. But if you have employees, or kids, you are. 

Stay inquisitive. Be curious.

I blog regularly on this topic on a site called The Values Based Business.  If you find this article interesting…

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