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Reviewing the year!

I had the opportunity recently to do my normal year-end review for my business, and I’ve been doing that with clients as well.  It’s always an eye-opening exercise.

When we get focused on the issues of the day and the tasks at hand, it doesn’t feel like there’s much progress.  Sure, there’s a little rush when I complete a presentation or land a new client.  But overall it doesn’t feel like a lot because those events aren’t happening constantly.

When I look at the whole year, though, I see a different picture.  I’ve worked with lots of clients, done lots of marketing and sales, and had some critical conversations with key partners.  An event back in March may well have had far more impact than I thought it would at the time.

This is also the time to look forward to 2017.  I have several key things which have shifted, and I’m taking over larger roles in a couple of important organizations.  My processes have matured, so I’m ready to invest in new challenges.

Here are some of the key questions I like to cover with my clients in a big picture review:

  • What were you goals and expectations a year ago?
  • What major shifts took place?
  • What were some key events, conversations, and decisions?
  • How have your skills, knowledge, and outlook shifted?
  • What do you most appreciate?

Looking forward:

  • What’s the next major shift which will benefit the business?
  • What’s the next thing you need to master?
  • What would be a great theme (focus area) for the coming year?
  • Who do you need to support you?

I’ve noticed that many of the most important shifts are actually internal.  If I accomplished something important, that was almost always preceded by a change within myself.  A commitment to do something different.

When you look at your Big Picture, don’t just focus on numbers and events.  Also look for how you’ve shifted, and the next step you want to take.



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Carl Dierschow

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