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Magnificent mission marketing!

Marketing messages can be boring.  There, I said it!

Here are the problems:

  • We’re getting way too much communication
  • Everything looks the same
  • Everybody talks about products and features, most of which don’t matter.

Stop it. Now. You’re wasting your time and money.

How do you motivate people to buy?  By giving them a reason to care.

They might care about your product, sure.  But probably not as much as you think.

People create emotional connections to things that matter to them.  Even weird things like the fish in your logo.

What they relate to most are the things which make a difference in the world.  Or at least in their world.

How are you changing the world?  I would hope that’s captured effectively in your vision or mission or whatever you call it.

Are you using that as the core of your messaging?

To give a current example, I could argue that Apple has suffered from losing that indefinable spark they had under Steve Jobs.  It’s hard to identify, but that spark also seems to be missing from their marketing.  They have lots of loyal customers, but the passion is waning.

When you can connect with your tribe through the power of a shared purpose, you’re building passion.  Energy.  Loyalty.  And your customers will help attract others to the cause.

Are you on a mission?  Is it your best kept secret?

If you’d like to explore this topic more deeply, please check out our Mission Self Assessment at  You’ll get a customized report with some specific helpful suggestions for how to have your mission really matter.  It’ll take a few minutes of your time, but it’ll get you thinking!



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