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Gratitude is a gift to yourself!

Gratitude is a gift to yourself!

When you thank someone, you’re doing a great service. They feel better, they relate to you more as a wonderful person, and it build the relationship.

That’s fantastic. But gratitude is also something you give to yourself.

How so?

It softens your heart.

After all, we are extremely lucky to be in such fortunate circumstances. Despite all the challenge in the world, we have lots of freedom, opportunity, and possibility. Much more than any previous generation.

But it’s hard to recognize that. Even harder to be grateful for it.

So yes, work on the problems. Engage with the challenges. Be troubled by the injustice you see.

But be grateful for the positive things as well. And share that with your employees, partners, colleagues, customers, and friends.

It’s part of creating the world you want to live in.

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