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Does your purpose benefits employees

Does your Purpose benefit employees?

We’ve all created lots of marketing messages. Our products will solve this problem. We’ll make your life better. We’ll treat you great.

Those are fine. Even powerful and compelling.

But how does this benefit your employees?

I’m not just talking about what your employees do to deliver the promise to customers. Sure, they need to be friendly, inventive, productive, and so on.

No, the question is how employees benefit from the same things you promise your customers.

Let’s suppose that customers will have a great experience each and every time they buy something from you. Maybe even better than they expect.

So … do your employees have a great experience each and every time they interact with the company? With their boss? With HR? With other teams?

And how often do they have an experience which is even better than they expected?

Admittedly, this is a really tough thing to design. It takes deep though and decades worth of inculturation.

But when you do, reliably delivering on your promise to customers becomes a no-brainer.

Everyone is already doing it, and it feels natural.

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