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Does your company have a soul?

Business is about making stuff.  Delivering to customers.  Getting a return on your investment.

So it may seem weird that I use a fluffy word like “soul” to talk about a company.

But it’s a very real question, vitally important.

You see, companies are made up of real people.  Living beings with motivations, passions, desires, dreams.  When we treat them as automatons, we’re saying that the only part of their being that we value is what they can produce through their hands and minds.

That’s the problem with describing people as “workers.”  It says that their only value is to … work.

The word “employee” has a different problem:  It says that what’s important is to give them a paycheck.

Neither one gets to the person-to-person relationship which is the foundation of why people care about each other.  You want your team members to care about you and the business, right?  You want them to care about customers?

For me, the word “soul” is so outside the ordinary business language that it helps people to sit up and take notice.  Depending on the associations you make with that word, it’ll cause you to think about the business as a living, breathing entity.

That’s a good thing.  It’s hard to care about things, much easier to love people, animals, and even organizations that have an identity.  Even a personality.

So what’s the soul of your business?  What drives everything it does?

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