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Can you bring the inspiration?

Your primary value as a leader is to give people direction, to align their work in order to achieve the large goals of the group.

But that’s the left-brain way of thinking. It’s fine and necessary as far as it goes, but it’s missing something.

Caring. Purpose. Passion.

Your purpose as a leader is to ignite that as well. You’re the conduit for connecting your peoples’ heads with their hearts in service of the larger mission.

We seem to have lost that concept in the workplace these days. How many people do you talk to who seem to be really inspired by their work?

For me, it’s pretty unusual. And I’m actively seeking them out because I want to be inspired myself, and share the stories on my blog I’ve listed below. That’s my way of trying to be a conduit of purpose and inspiration for others.

I’m not talking about you being the inspiration for your group. That puts a lot of pressure on you personally, and rarely is the job about just satisfying your needs and wants.

More often, it’s about the larger purpose that we together are trying to achieve. So your job is merely to connect people with that, even daily.

Which, as it turns out, is far easier than having to become the purpose, like a cheerleader or inspirational speaker.

And it has far more impact.

I blog regularly on this topic on a site called The Values Based Business. If you find this article interesting…

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