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Are your messages consistent?

I’ve had a really curious start to 2016.  I’ve had at least half a dozen people remark that they’re seeing me “all over the place.”

Yes, I increased my marketing activities a bit last year, but not tremendously.  I attribute this more to the fact that I’ve been with Small Fish nearly six years, and finally the messages are starting to get noticed.

That’s what happens.  Just when you’re getting tired of talking, your audience is starting to notice.

This is why consistency is tremendously important.

Fortunately, the Small Fish message is pretty simple.  We serve small-to-medium business owners, helping them achieve their business goals with honesty, transparency, and accountability.  And we have a cool logo.

Yet it’s taken years for people to notice what I’m doing, even though I have more active marketing programs than most local business coaches.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m limited to just a simple elevator speech.  That’s just the core message about the service I offer.  Around that I do lots of workshops, presentations, articles, blog posts, webinars, and networking.  So there are always opportunities to deliver deep and useful value.

In my networking, it’s not uncommon to run across people who are constantly changing their business.  This month they’re selling real estate.  I see them in a few months and now they’re focusing on hygiene products.  Then it’s greeting cards.

Or maybe they’re trying to do all three at once.

The problem is that this is tremendously confusing to potential customers.  It’s unlikely that I’m going to purchase your product the first time I hear about it.  More likely I’ll think, ponder, forget, and after you’ve reminded me a dozen times I’ll finally be thinking seriously about it.

And that’s for something that isn’t particularly scary or confusing.

So if you’re trying to have me check out your financial services or nutritional supplements, make sure I hear and see your messages enough times that I’ll notice you.  Then remember you.  Then consider you favorably.

It may take years to get this far.  But when you’ve been consistent for that long, you should have connected with many people who might now be ready to buy.



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Carl Dierschow

Carl Dierschow is our Small Fish Business Coach in Colorado in the USA. With over 17 years of experience in professional business coaching, he helps clients around the world to build profitable, powerful, sustainable companies. You may want to check out his targeted blogs at and

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