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Toolbox Tips

Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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A Success Story… Well Almost!

Last week we were prompted by one of our coaches to enter the Bankwest challenge- Explain your success story and you could win $10,000! So, we did…. We thought we would share with you our entry: Our vision is to build a global company (we’re not there yet!) supporting business coaches...

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Taking Putting Lessons- Sales Lessons Learned From Golf

The big money winners of golf follow some fundamental rules for putting. They can also be applied to score a sale. They are: 1. Never use a putter until the ball is on the green. Salespeople who apply a closing technique before the customer is ready will rarely get a chance...

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The Rules for the Paperless Office

There is no doubt Email has made our lives easier. No more pens, paper, stamps and envelopes. With this ease comes some common mistakes that can easily be avoided. Who am I? Once you have built a relationship with someone there is no need to be overly formal, however, addressing the...

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The Dip, A Little Book About Quitting

I like Seth Godin. He writes often and well about marketing and related matters and he is refreshingly honest about it. No more am I reading formulaic rubbish about what to do to get more readers or fax back; no more am I reading the secrets to marketing success. I also...

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The 10/80/10 Rule

I had a great discussion today with Hugh Liddle, a local sales coach, who described the concept of “the 10/80/10 rule.” I hadn’t heard this before, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. It’s quite pertinent to our current situation. Here’s the idea: When people are under times...

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What Your Mind Can Conceive… You Can Achieve

You find inspiration in the most amazing places. Sometimes as you are driving your car or walking in the park. I found inspiration one night as I watched TV (Not sure of the program). Yes, I was veging out, not looking for inspiration of any kind when an ad was shown...

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Spending Time Doing What You Do Best

The reality is that most of us do the exact opposite. We spend 80% of our time doing unproductive and meaningless things, and by the end if the day we feel exhausted, frustrated and angry. Wasted time! Wasted effort! Wasted energy! So let me ask you: How much time you spend...

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