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Toolbox Tips

Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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One Fish, Two Fish

We have a new fish – Richard Everson in Murrumbateman, near Canberra, Australia, has joined us and already brings a contribution to our business blog. Have you heard of the book “Fish!” – the story of the Seattle fish market? It’s inspiring, even for a cynical pom like me. The book...

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What Will A Business Coach Bring to My Business?

I have had an amazing week of networking and meeting business people in the Northern Rivers. What has been really interesting is the different views of Business Coaching. I was in a store, in Ballina, that had a shelf full of small business awards. I asked the woman working there what...

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Congratulations Steve Dyer

Steve Dyer from Cavalier Homes Northern Rivers in Australia, was presented with two prestigious awards on Saturday at the Master Builders Association Regional Awards. Cavalier Homes builds affordable, quality homes and gives a service that its customers enjoy from start to finish. As their business coach, we decided that what they...

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A Day With Jack Daly

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a sales training day with Jack Daly. This is a man of immense experience, wisdom and energy who can relay his message simply and effectively. The take-aways for me were: • Change your voicemail daily – let people know what you are doing...

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A Reflection on Self-Esteem

As some of you know, I’m a bit of a fan of Seth Godin and his blog. He writes with considerable insight about marketing and brings an attitude of sincerity and genuineness that is missing from much of modern marketing. Read this blog post. He talks about how people with low...

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Rewards for Good Customer Service

Customers reward good Customer Service by spending 8% more. It’s official, according to a report comissioned by American Express World Service Australia, customers reward good customer service by spending 8% more. Its a simple as showing polite respect and welcoming people to your business. Don’t pester them because there is a...

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Lessons for Business from the World Cup

As the Spanish celebrate, and the rest of us commiserate our team’s losses at the Football World Cup, it is a good chance to look back at some of the lessons that we can take forward into our businesses. • New Zealand’s undefeated run against Slovakia, Paraguay and the reigning world...

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