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what's the big picture

What’s the big picture?

This landscape of values-based businesses can be quite confusing. I had a chance to discuss this with a researcher in the field recently, and we started off with the term itself. Purpose-driven. Conscious. Values-based. Mission-driven. Such a mishmash of buzzwords! But if you look underneath that, you see a common thread:...

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the key added value

The key added value

What you measure gets attention. What gets attention gets worked on. And what gets worked on is improved. This is such a basic train of thought, yet how often do we actually lead this way? Let’s say that the key to your particular business success is developing personal, nurturing relationships with...

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Rough Edges

I get it. People are a pain. Employees. Customers. Random people in the store. Not you, of course. You’re perfect. But everybody else is so annoying sometimes! So how do we deal with this reality? Well, first, it’s about recognizing that this is the human condition. We’re all flawed and make...

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I don’t have the freedom

I don’t want your business!

Customers are the lifeblood of a business. You’re delivering value to someone, and in return they pay you for that value. So why do so many companies make it hard for an interested person to connect? It’s almost as if they don’t really want the business. Sure, customers can be a...

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I don’t have the freedom

I don’t have the freedom!

I recently had the opportunity to lead a workshop about building marketing from a strong foundation of mission or purpose. But there was a sticking point for many in the room: They weren’t the business owner, so they didn’t feel they had the right, or the power, to declare what their...

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We have no mission

We have no mission!

I talk with employees all the time who are a bit lost on this concept of “mission.” They can’t bring anything to mind when I ask them what the mission of their company might be, and it doesn’t seem to have any relevance to their job even if there was one....

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People pay to reduce risk

People pay to reduce risk!

I heard an interesting article on the Innovation Hub radio show recently, talking about how riskiness affects people’s decisions. It got me thinking because I’ve wondered for many years about the connection. When we’re working on connecting our products and marketing to the customer need, we often start with their needs...

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