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How single-minded are you? How focused is your business? I view this attribute as a continuum, ranging from spineless to monomaniacal. But I’m liking the concept of being fierce, because it combines elements of focus, intensity, and persistence. So what does it mean to be fierce in your leadership? First, it’s...

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A collaborative world

A collaborative world


I’ve seen a growing number of conversations recently about certain industries which tend to be collaborative. Here in northern Colorado, one of the most popular is the micro-breweries, who tend to be open, sharing, and generous.  That might seem odd because there’s a high concentration of these businesses here, but it’s...

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the next step

The next step?


Wouldn’t it be nice if plans always worked? But they don’t. The problem, of course, is that Reality continues to do what it wants, despite the best planning. It sure would be nice if the rest of the world lined up the way I want, but rarely does it work out...

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Sending out ripples


You may not notice, but everything you do as a leader is affecting your people. If you’re having a lousy day, your folks pick that up and will reflect it by being brittle and tense. Which then affects customers and everybody else. But you also don’t want to live life behind...

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Unreachable goals


Leadership is weird. We’re stuck in this space of always striving, always reaching. Never satisfied with the status quo. But that wears people out – physically, emotionally, intellectually. So what’s the difference between a leader who uses this effectively, versus just burning people out? No doubt part of the negative stress...

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Trust and openness


I was listening to a great conversation with Ed and Peter Schein recently. They threw out a powerful concept: “Accountability and transparency are needed when you don’t have trust and openness.” Since I’m a fan of both trust and transparency, this challenged my thinking. But I think they have a great...

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Just asking the question

Just asking the question


Cleaning up after a meeting, I asked, “where’s your recycling?” I wasn’t that surprised to find out they had no recycling bin in that office, so I simply took the can home with me. No big deal. I wasn’t trying to be “that annoying guy with an agenda”, but trying to...

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