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Don't mix business and personal

Don’t mix business and personal!

Our dryer broke down yesterday, right in the middle of doing laundry. So I had the joy of sitting in the laundromat feeling quite annoyed. It’s not like I didn’t have work to do! But business DOES impinge on personal, and vice versa. If you just got beat up by a...

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you're sending the wrong signals

You’re sending the wrong signals

Your company is on a great and important mission. You’ve done the work to align your values and measures. Fantastic! And then you shoot yourself in the foot by being inconsistent. It’s a matter of trust. Trust takes a long time to build but can be destroyed in an instant. That...

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what's your shining light

What’s your shining light

It may seem like the forces of darkness are out to get you. I feel like that myself sometimes. If you have a deeper purpose or vision, though, you can cut through the darkness because it’s always available to you. It’s even more fascinating to me that my light of inspiration...

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amazing businesses fail too

Amazing businesses fail too!

I’ve written profiles for about 80 values-driven businesses, and one of them shut down last week. As I think about it, there are probably 7 or 8 which have failed in the last five years. That’s better than average, actually, as the SBA estimated that 95% of startups don’t survive their...

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leadership based on connection

Leadership based on connection

What’s in it for me? That’s a phrase which is particularly popular in sales, to help marketing and sales people to focus on the customer rather than themselves. WIIFM. But do you want to be a self-focused person and leader? If you are, you’re going to wear out your employees, distance...

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leadership based on awareness

Leadership based on awareness

Milton Friedman declared that the primary purpose of a business is to make money. Over the course of the last century, we’ve kidded ourselves into thinking that this is the ONLY purpose of business. But it’s not true. The money is just a holding place for adding value to the world....

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leadership based on abundance

Leadership based on abundance

My top priority is to protect my limited resources. And the only way I’ll win is to take some of yours. This philosophy of scarcity is so incredibly powerful that we don’t even recognize that it’s as pervasive as the air we breathe. But there is indeed another way. Not just...

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