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Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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false confidence

False confidence

In uncertain times, we rely on confidence from others around us. We look to political, community, and business leaders to provide direction. But more than being told what to do, we want to know why. Part of that is assigning blame for something out of our control, but that’s only the negative side of...

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All Zoomed out

All Zoomed out!

Video conferencing has taken over our lives! Many of us are feeling the effects. And the loss of human contact. I was talking about this with a friend recently. She’s an expert in public speaking, and has been working with presenters to adapt themselves to the online format. The changes go...

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The gift of time

Many of my readers are really struggling right now. Loss of work, lack of direction, confusion. I had a chance to coach someone recently who was sensing this quite profoundly. Confined to his house, without work prospects, he’s finding it hard to move forward in any useful direction. But here’s the...

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This is a very stressful time, so we’re all doing it. Making mistakes. That’s just par for the course, really. And it doesn’t help that information and advice is constantly changing. Something which seemed right yesterday may feel like totally the wrong thing today. So how should we deal with this?...

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being a helper

Being a helper

Last week I talked about asking for and getting help when you really need it. And right now, a lot of people need help. So it’s also a time of giving – which may feel silly when you yourself are struggling. But there are some solid reasons why this can be...

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relying on others

Relying on others

You wanted to own a business because it put you in control of your destiny. But then it turns out that there’s STILL lots not under your control! And big stuff can happen in your industry, in the country, and in the world. Stuff you can’t control. So there are times...

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Flexibility and patience

Flexibility and patience

These times have been unsettling for all of us, and seem to be shaking the very foundation. And it’s going to go on even longer, sad to say. For me, the key words have been Flexibility and Patience. Flexibility, because it seems nothing has been going according to plan for weeks...

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