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Toolbox Tips

Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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Curiosity is one of the main tools for being a coach. At least for me. When I have nothing to learn, I’m really acting in the role of an advisor or consultant. As soon as I understand the client’s situation, I can have an opinion about how to move forward. That’s...

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How do YOU learn?

When we want employees to learn something, we send them to a class. It’s not the worst thing to do, but that’s not the way adults learn new things. It’s a paradigm that’s copied from the system we developed in the 1800s to teach millions of children to become factory workers....

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Motivated by goals

Motivated by goals!

All organizations have goals, no matter what the size. Sometimes they’re clear, sometimes not. But when the organization gets large, the employees rarely find the goals to be motivating. Instead, they often revert to the lowest common denominator: What do I have to do to keep my job? This drives leaders...

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acting on feedback

Acting on Feedback

It’s a great idea to ask for feedback from your employees. It’s part of letting them know you care, and want to improve. So you gather up your courage and ask people for feedback, both one-on-one and as a group. But here’s the hard part: showing them that you’re taking action....

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a disputable goal

A Disputable Goal

I was having a conversation the other day with some of my coach friends, and the concept came up about having a “disputable goal.” I confess that I’d never heard the phrase before, so of course I found it fascinating. The idea is that when you have a goal, it should...

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not a machine

Not a machine!

I started out my career as a software engineer. Software doesn’t tend to be quite as elegant as other forms of machinery, but I totally get the concept that things are beautiful when they run efficiently and reliably. That’s why I’ve found it amusing that my emphasis has shifted almost entirely...

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moving on

Moving on

Almost 4 million workers in the US quit their jobs in April 2021. That’s just stunning. And, as we know, it’s a mixture of many job openings, people changing their career paths, and dissatisfaction with current situations. Workers are really rethinking their options right now. As an employer, I assume that...

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