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That fabulous spark!

It’s really depressing how many people are disengaged from their jobs. I’ve been there, and you probably have too.  It’s not a great feeling. But guess what? As a leader and business owner, you have the great opportunity to do something about it for your people.  And it’s not rocket science....

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It’s falling apart!

Disagreement is natural, because we’re human. I’ve recently had to work on this, both for myself and for clients, and have some thoughts about building a graceful reconciliation. It’s important to realize that you’ve entered a zone fraught with emotion, so treating this with logical arguments isn’t likely to end up...

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Your sense of balance

Every day is a balancing act, constantly responding to the winds of change. I get that. But you have to remember where you’re going.  When people walk a tightrope, it’s not about focusing on the two feet around them and the infinite space below. It’s about keeping attention on where they’re...

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The long and winding road

You would like to think that a clear sense of mission straightens everything out. And to a certain extent, it does. But the truth is also that knowing where you’re going doesn’t mean that reality will line up to make your job easy.  You may be on a mission to save...

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Looking through the haze

Uncertainty can drive you nuts! The market is shifting.  Regulations are up in the air.  Partners can be unpredictable.  Employees are, well, human. As a business owner, your job is to create some stability despite all this shifting sand.  Sorry to give you the bad news, but it’s the only way...

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Are you too focused?

One of the universal keys to getting stuff done is to focus.  Avoid distractions, concentrate on one thing, and you’ll actually move ahead faster. I get that.  Especially in our highly distracted culture, you can spend your entire day just flitting from one shiny object to the next. But there’s more...

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How to miss with customers!

You’re very passionate about your mission. I get that. I wish everyone had that level of engagement with their business and job. The dark side of that passion is that it can easily disconnect you from your customers. How so? Imagine that someone comes up to you and starts raving about...

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