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Toolbox Tips

Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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Building Energy

After a big event or a holiday, it can be tough to get your energy focused back on what you need to get done. Actually, that’s the way you know a holiday was valuable: you were able to shift to other things for a while, and it’s kinda tough getting back...

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bright shiny new

Bright shiny new!

As we roll into a new year, we have an opportunity to look at things with fresh eyes. Of course, we all know that there’s little that’s actually special just because it turned to January, so it’s mostly a mental game we play with ourselves. But mental games matter – a...

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The narrow path

I see the world as an abundant place. In a real sense, we’ve never had more possibilities open to us. Even though it can feel like there are lots of restrictions in our lives right now, that’s only relevant to certain dimensions. You’re still free to go out there and reinvent...

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The blank canvas

Sometimes it’s better to wipe the slate clean. Not that you’re ACTUALLY going to do that most of the time. This is a mental exercise, intended to open up possibilities and get your imagination going again. Usually we take actions based on current relationships, current priorities, and what’s happening right now....

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Celebrations matter!

This year is so sad because of limitations on physical gatherings. I know many organizations which have canceled holiday parties and celebrations as a result. It’s the wrong way to think about it. Sure, you can’t do what you’ve traditionally done, and it’s disappointing. But the real question is: what can...

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Not perfect, but good enough

We laid my mother to rest recently. Given that it’s 2020, we weren’t able to have a proper funeral, and had a short outdoor service with extended family on Zoom. It wasn’t the ideal. But you know what? It was plenty good, and respected everyone’s limitations. That’s what this whole year...

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Is it just survival

Is it just survival?

I know a lot of us have been feeling beat up by 2020. It’s been just brutal. We might be relieved that this year will soon be in the rear view mirror. But really, is that what it’s all about? Just surviving? Our passions and energy should be much more about...

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