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Are you in treacherous waters?

Things don’t go smoothly all the time. Yes, you’re on a powerful mission.  But danger happens: Regulations change New competitors arise A key employee leaves So how do you navigate when things turn dark and threatening? The most important thing you’ll do is to remain calm.  No, you’re not ignoring the...

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How exciting is your business mission?

The mission of your business is part of an amazing story. That story starts with a cast of characters who encounter what seems to be an insurmountable barrier.  The tension mounts and the music swells. Coming in to save the day is … your company!  The hero of the story, with...

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The Power of Clarity

Progress comes from being clear. But of course it’s real easy to say that, right? The problem is that it’s real easy to let the urgent overtake the important. Constantly. Here’s a simple example. It seems like in between my meetings today, that I’ve been beating my email inbox back. Right...

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Are you focused yet?

You’re on an important mission. But with the holidays, with new government, with a new season… there’s a temptation to lose sight of that mission as you’re trying to get organized. Your strength in 2017 will come from grounding yourself – and your people – in that powerful mission. In many...

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Reviewing the year!

I had the opportunity recently to do my normal year-end review for my business, and I’ve been doing that with clients as well.  It’s always an eye-opening exercise. When we get focused on the issues of the day and the tasks at hand, it doesn’t feel like there’s much progress.  Sure,...

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Get paid on time!

The most important activity your business does is: Deliver the value to your customer Get paid in return Yet there’s so much anxiety around payments!  Especially if you deliver a service, as we do. Businesses which sell a physical product have an advantage, because customers have been conditioned to pay as...

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Magnificent mission marketing!

Marketing messages can be boring.  There, I said it! Here are the problems: We’re getting way too much communication Everything looks the same Everybody talks about products and features, most of which don’t matter.   Stop it. Now. You’re wasting your time and money. How do you motivate people to buy?  By...

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