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A new normal

A new normal

We all want the turmoil to end. Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot which we don’t control right now. A whole lot that NOBODY controls. We’re searching for the “return to normal,” or perhaps the “new normal.” Which is fine, but it can be a bit of an illusion. Here’s a better...

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on a crusade

On a crusade!

Is your organization headed somewhere specifically? Somewhere important? I recently heard David Burkus talk about the concept of being on a “crusade”. It’s similar to how I’ve used the concept of “mission,” but the word has more emotional impact. David talked about three kinds of crusades: The revolution The underdog The...

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I’ve been seeing some powerful stories recently about the concept of white privilege in our society. It’s an important topic for us, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about today. We’ve all be graced with opportunity given to us by others. It might stem from the family or community we...

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No comfort in the learning zone

There’s no comfort in the learning zone!

As I mentioned last week David Peterson is the Director of Executive Coaching & Leadership at Google. He mentioned a phrase which stuck with me: “There’s no learning in the comfort zone, and there’s no comfort in the learning zone.” Last week I talked about the first part, today I’d like to focus...

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No learning in the comfort zone

There’s no learning in the comfort zone!

I had a chance to see a presentation by David Peterson recently; he’s the Director of Executive Coaching & Leadership at Google. And a brilliant coach! He mentioned a phrase which stuck with me: “There’s no learning in the comfort zone.” There’s actually a second part of the statement, but I’m going to...

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Relationship-first marketing

Relationship – first marketing

What’s the motivation behind your marketing efforts? This is a real struggle for many businesses right now, because many existing efforts don’t seem to be working. They’re advertising like crazy, but sales have dried up because customers are extraordinarily cautious. And the strong “buy my stuff!!!” messages can seem overbearing and...

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But why

But Why?

You may be asking people to make tough sacrifices right now. Reduced hours, changing jobs, making tough decisions. You’ve thought a lot about it, so you’ve laid out the new plans. Letting every person know what they need to do and how. But this is missing a key element: Why? Of...

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