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Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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Are you the catalyst

Are you the catalyst?

Bees are incredibly useful little creatures. And, as we’re finding out, vital to our entire food chain. But they don’t actually produce food themselves, except honey. That’s not what makes them important. Their role is crucial because they enable plants to do what they do best. They’re the catalyst, in a...

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Why are they so weird

Why are they so weird?

I had a chance recently to speak on a panel about nurturing international and cross-cultural relationships. This is a wonderfully rich topic, because it can get to the core of who we are as humans. Here’s the deal: I think I’m normal, but everyone else is various shades of weird. We’re...

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From the thorns come the beauty

From the thorns come the beauty!

Thorns are a real pain to deal with. In your business, perhaps your “thorns” are: Customers that are demanding, unappreciative, and don’t pay on time Employees who don’t get along well Regulations Mistakes Life This is what makes leadership so difficult. When things are going well, great! But there always seems...

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You want a straight path

You want a straight path!

Planning is fantastic, but it has one big problem. Reality gets in the way. You go to all this work to create the fully robust plan, to get everyone on board, even to test various scenarios. It’s wonderful! But the plan was put in a binder on the shelf, never to...

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Sometimes it's a deluge

Sometimes it’s a deluge!

I seem to have a whole lot of things going on right now. Clients. Projects. Presentations. Prospects. And, for whatever reason, I’m hearing similar things from a lot of other people as well. This happens. But how do we keep from getting stressed out when things are super busy? For those...

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Are you sustainable

Are YOU sustainable?

As owner or leader, YOU are one of the key assets of the business. Your employees are wonderful, I understand, but without leadership it will all fall apart. Yet it seems we’re the last one to get taken care of. I admire leaders who recognize what it takes to sustain their...

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How high is your vision

How high is your vision?

People are always striving for improvement. And visionaries paint an attractive picture of the future. Leaders are the ones who can make the connection between the two. The challenge is to pick a vision which is attractive, believable, and attainable. But you may have discovered that each of these is squishy,...

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