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Are you tempted to chuck it all

Are you tempted to chuck it all?

Some days you wonder if it’s even worth getting out of bed. Yes, frustration happens. Customer problems. Employee problems. Inventory screwups. The bank called. That lovely notice from the IRS. This kind of stuff can send you into a serious tailspin. For weeks. So how do you get grounded and centered...

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Is the path murky

Is the path murky?

We’d like to think that planning takes away all the risk. But as soon as I say that, you know it’s not true. The world is changing. People are unpredictable. And … stuff happens. So, while planning is useful and necessary, it doesn’t remove all the risk. So why bother? Because...

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Gratitude is a gift to yourself!

Gratitude is a gift to yourself!

When you thank someone, you’re doing a great service. They feel better, they relate to you more as a wonderful person, and it build the relationship. That’s fantastic. But gratitude is also something you give to yourself. How so? It softens your heart. After all, we are extremely lucky to be...

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Is Socially Responsible good investing

Is Socially Responsible good investing?

Recently, the US Department of Labor issued guidance about investing retirement plans in socially responsible companies. In what appeared to be a reversal of the previous administration’s guidance, DOL stated that investments based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria aren’t always a “prudent choice” and that such factors shouldn’t “too...

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When is it bragging

When is it bragging?

You’re dedicated to your cause of making the world a better place to live. So much, in fact, that you’ve built it into your business model. You have favored charities. You actively promote certain causes. So now it comes your marketing, and you get stalled. It feels like you’re bragging. Are...

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What's the inspiration

What’s the inspiration?

A few years ago, Simon Sinek explained a framework he called Why-How-What. He was drawing a distinction between the way we usually market to customers and a much more effective method of capturing the emotion and inspiration first. I have a link to his TED talk at the end; it’s quite...

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We care about our customers!

“We care about our customers!”

I was driving down the street yesterday, and saw a business proudly displaying a sign out front: “We care about our customers and what’s best for them” This kind of thing just drives me crazy. Seriously, somebody thought this would be an effective marketing strategy? Don’t get me wrong – I’m...

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