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Is it obvious

Is your company’s mission obvious?

How obvious is your company’s mission? Is it so compelling that customers can tell you what it is, in their own words? Is it so clear that your employees are thinking about it in some way every day? No, I don’t mean your tagline or advertising slogan. I’m talking about your...

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Does your purpose benefits employees

Does your Purpose benefit employees?

We’ve all created lots of marketing messages. Our products will solve this problem. We’ll make your life better. We’ll treat you great. Those are fine. Even powerful and compelling. But how does this benefit your employees? I’m not just talking about what your employees do to deliver the promise to customers....

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Where are the teeth

Where are the teeth?

There’s a lot of fakeness in the world. I would imagine that it’s always been this way, I suppose, but now it’s so much more obvious when people aren’t showing their company authentically in the world. And consumers are getting really quite sophisticated in detecting fake messages. Dealing with this is...

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Sometimes I just feel like I’m drowning. It’s not because I’m particularly messed up or disadvantaged. I’m just as human as anyone, and we all have our challenges. The question is what we DO about it. Nobody wants to exhibit weakness. I get that. But part of maturing is to be...

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Goals and inspiration

Goals AND Inspiration!

We all know that goals are important. If you’re going to make progress, you have to decide what moving forward means. But that has no emotion in it. It’s just blah-blah-blah management speak. Our challenge is how to create a sense of excitement and inspiration with your business goals. We actually...

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What if you adopt your customers’ measures?

What if you adopt your customers’ measures?

I was reading a powerful article recently about building a conscious company from a systems perspective. It got me thinking about the idea of how we tend to create success measures. It matters because those measures drive all behavior in your company. The question is: What if we would adopt our...

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It's learnable

It’s learnable!

I’ve been thinking recently about some of the principles that ground my life and my business. With some thought, I’ve been able to articulate one that’s pretty fundamental and serves me well. I’m not the smartest guy around, but I get by. The reason is that I figure most anything can...

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