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Short videos that help you begin making changes in your business and let you get a feel for what you'll be working on in the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

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People pay to reduce risk

People pay to reduce risk!

I heard an interesting article on the Innovation Hub radio show recently, talking about how riskiness affects people’s decisions. It got me thinking because I’ve wondered for many years about the connection. When we’re working on connecting our products and marketing to the customer need, we often start with their needs...

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Time to change your core purpose?

I was recently asked about what to do when it feels like you need to change the core purpose of your business. Another person answered that “your core purpose is always to return money to your shareholders, that never changes.” I believe that attitude is fifty years out of date. Sure,...

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We’ve all been learning things during our entire lives. That’s called experience, and it’s what helps you build valuable skills and teach others. But wisdom is more subtle than just stuff you know. It’s about putting choices into a larger context: namely, your values. And the values of the larger community...

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How single-minded are you? How focused is your business? I view this attribute as a continuum, ranging from spineless to monomaniacal. But I’m liking the concept of being fierce, because it combines elements of focus, intensity, and persistence. So what does it mean to be fierce in your leadership? First, it’s...

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A collaborative world

A collaborative world

I’ve seen a growing number of conversations recently about certain industries which tend to be collaborative. Here in northern Colorado, one of the most popular is the micro-breweries, who tend to be open, sharing, and generous.  That might seem odd because there’s a high concentration of these businesses here, but it’s...

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the next step

The next step?

Wouldn’t it be nice if plans always worked? But they don’t. The problem, of course, is that Reality continues to do what it wants, despite the best planning. It sure would be nice if the rest of the world lined up the way I want, but rarely does it work out...

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Sending out ripples

You may not notice, but everything you do as a leader is affecting your people. If you’re having a lousy day, your folks pick that up and will reflect it by being brittle and tense. Which then affects customers and everybody else. But you also don’t want to live life behind...

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