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A new direction

A new direction?

I’m involved with several organizations for which this is the beginning of the new year. Not on the traditional calendar, but in the way we think and plan and organize.

January 1st is just an arbitrary date, right?

So now might be a good time – as good as any – to make some decisions.

For some organizations, this might be the best time! Go out on the porch, or the beach, or to the park, and do some big-picture thinking.

What’s the big picture? Well, it’s your BIG WHY, and your mission and vision. However you think about the fundamental reason why you exist and bring value to society. I’m not fussed with the terminology; I tend to adapt to the way my clients think through their decisions.

It’s especially relevant this year, because many of us can now see past the Pandemic. It’s time to think about what we want the future to look like. Perhaps even with a shift in purpose and approach.

Because those who look forward are the most likely to build the future they want.

I’ve developed a tool which helps leaders to assess how they’re doing on these foundational elements.  I’ll send you a customized report when you fill it out, giving you some feedback and ideas for where your attention might give the most powerful results.  Check it out!

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