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Am I the only one who cares?

Being driven by ethical values can seem a bit lonely.

After all, the world seems to be screaming at us to focus on making money. The money is great, it’s absolutely necessary. But what about making an impact?

Since you’re still reading this, I assume you’re one of the ones who wants to positively influence the community, world, and society through your business.

So I was intrigued today to find out about an organization which supports and celebrates ethical business behavior. Ethisphere Institute was created over a decade ago, so I’m surprised not to have heard about it before. Perhaps that’s because I’ve been concentrated on small and medium businesses.

They put out Ethisphere Magazine, which I just signed up for. No doubt there’s some powerful things for us to learn at all levels.

You might think that this doesn’t apply to a small company such as yours or mine. Part of that’s true – I certainly don’t have an “ethics department” or “chief ethics officer.”

But maybe I do – it’s a little piece of my strategic planning. It’s all a conversation going on in my head, of course, but I do indeed take seriously how I interact with and be a positive force on the community I serve.

I’m hoping that the same goes for you, right? Ethical priorities are a part of how you make decisions?

I have a new webinar focused on connecting with your target customers based on the foundation of a powerful mission. You should check it out!

Sounds interesting!




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