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grace matters

Grace matters

You have the power to make things easier or harder for your customers.

And for your employees, partners and community as well.

We all seem to complain a lot about how busy we are, how difficult life is, and how we feel everything is so complicated. A lot of that is just that we love to out-do each other on complaining, but there’s also some basic truth to it.

So we’re all searching for anything which makes our lives easier. In every purchase we make.

But also in our other relationships. Rarely do employees discuss what gives them joy about their jobs. Instead, they tend to one-up each other on the latest bonehead policy and how their boss is making life difficult.

But I’ve been in situations where I really loved my job and my boss. I was proud to work for a certain company. So it’s not impossible.

It does take work, though. When I look at this simple picture of a beautiful flower, I realize that this took a lot of tending and care. Nothing about it was an accident.

So here’s the question for you today: What are you doing to bring simplicity, grace, and joy to your employees, customers, and community?

Just pick one thing and get to work!

I’ve developed a tool which helps leaders to assess how they’re doing on these foundational elements.  I’ll send you a customized report when you fill it out, giving you some feedback and ideas for where your attention might give the most powerful results.  Check it out!

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Carl Dierschow

Carl Dierschow is our Small Fish Business Coach in Colorado in the USA. With over 17 years of experience in professional business coaching, he helps clients around the world to build profitable, powerful, sustainable companies. You may want to check out his targeted blogs at and

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