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what's your shining light

What’s your shining light

It may seem like the forces of darkness are out to get you. I feel like that myself sometimes.

If you have a deeper purpose or vision, though, you can cut through the darkness because it’s always available to you.

It’s even more fascinating to me that my light of inspiration can affect others even more than it does me. It’s infectious.

A bad attitude can infect others as well, so I need to be careful what kind of effect I have on others. We’ve seen a lot of that, and I believe it’s a major reason why our country is so divided right now. Differences are magnified all out of proportion.

Your organization doesn’t have to be like that. Sure, there are challenges and some hard work. You don’t always know how things will work out.

But if your people are working together toward a common goal, that momentum builds confidence in achieving the team’s results. Faith kicks in and nurtures hope and optimism.

Sure, as a leader, there’s a certain amount of “fake it ‘til you make it.” You may not have full confidence, because part of your role is to see challenges and weaknesses. Yes, you may not feel fully authentic. But remember this is in service of your team and the larger mission.

Keep the confidence, my friend. Be a beacon of light for your team.

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